Break the chains of nice and tame...
and bring your inner WILD woman to life. 
In this sacred space you will...
  •  Get in touch with your inner wild woman and instinctual/intuitive nature
  •  Shed inhibitions, self-doubt, and ego-mania that keeps us from true creativity
  •  Learn the life initiation paths and archetypes of the feminine psyche
  •  Embody the HEALTHY and strong versions of your own feminine and masculine energy also known as the anima and animus of the psyche
  •  Explore traditional "fairy tales" that hold deep wisdom and guidance for everyday life
  •  Revive sacred sexuality, intimacy, community, and sisterhood in your life

If you're a creative woman... a curious woman... a wild woman at heart... a woman with a hunger for something MORE powerful, MORE provocative, and MORE meaningful in your life - my un-book-club the Paperback Goddess is for YOU..

Each month, I'll select an excerpt from the book Women Who Run With the Wolves and then we'll gather for a 60-90 minute Zoom group chat to discuss, dig in, share, cackle, and grow together through the text.
WWRWW was written by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, a Ph.D., psychotherapist... AND a traditional, honored story keeper. Crazy cool, right?

In the book she shares traditional myths that speak deeply to the subconscious mind and the psyche of the wild woman that lives at the core of each one of us.

Ready to get your book-worm on and dive in?!

Join the Paperback Goddess and enter a sacred space for deep discussions and creative soul work without the confines of a traditional book club!

The Practical Details:
 > Reading will be LOOSELY required. Each month I choose a short 10ish page excerpt for us to read and discuss. You'll have the whole month to read it. There are lots of re-occuring themes so even if you didn't finish your reading prior to the meeting, you can still join us!

 > Calls hosted via ZOOM on the last Wednesday of the month at 8:00pm EST (60-90min)

> Private Facebook group for support, reminders, and discussion as you read and grow
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