You're IN for Unleash Your V-Power! While you're here I want to share a special offer with you that you'll only find on this page.
SELF-DOUBT and FEAR OF JUDGEMENT is toxic and paralyzing... that ends with this ritual.
Snag this GUIDED HEALING for just $17 today and receive:
  •  The daily 5 minute "Slay Your Stubborn AF Fear" prayer audio recording
  •  A 30 minute deep dive masterclass to integrate your freedom from fear!
  •  Downloadable 10 page ritual eBook guide 
your inner prude 
is blushing...
Workshop access is on it's way to your inbox and I have a little treat for you!

I want you to KNOW in your bones how abso-fucking-lutely ENOUGH you are. 

 This virtual healing session dissolves the blocks of shame, unworthiness, self-abandonment, and self-doubt to UNLEASH your inner Radiant Pussy Creatrix!
My 1-1 energy healing sessions normally start at $197.
You get instant virtual access to one of my most potent healings today for just $27.

It sucks...but it DOES NOT have to keep sucking the LIFE out of you and your soul-calling work because you're fearing that will happen again.

The truth is, you have a chance to RECLAIM your power from fear NO MATTER your past circumstances that fear is having a hay day with! IT IS NOW your choice what story you’ll live, create, and embody in your life from here forward.
SO EFFING WHAT if your bank account is lower than you'd like?!

SO WHAT if you "haven't been able to do it before"?!

SO WHAT if you are scared out of your wits to step up and SPEAK UP for your soul?
Have you made your last ditch effort?
Does the buck stop there?
Will you throw in the towel because no one has come to save you?
Will you let your experience mean that your dreams are hopeless OR will you use it as fuel to inspire an even deeper conviction, discipline, and drive in your work and YOURSELF???
You SAY you don’t want to be put in a box, but then you go and create one for yourself so you can feel comfy and cozy again...Yuck!
Comfy and cozy...and full of MORE than the uncomfortable and liberating risk of CREATING a new path. I know you’re a born creative, visionary, teacher, healer, world-changer and that you have a massively important calling here… so are you really willing to let anything stop you?
As long as you remain in victimhood to FEAR – of COURSE YOUR message won’t powerfully flow through! 

Of COURSE you aren’t birthing your brand and presence from the depths of your being so others FEEL your energy and presence. 

Of COURSE your best efforts to share and sell still feel forced and out of alignment and fall flat for your audience.
So far, you haven’t dropped INTO your body-soul-truth-being, reaaaaally felt your purpose in the depths of your divine pussy, and let that magical sparkly shizz bubble up through your core, through your throat, and come pouring out your beautiful lips.
You're still floundering and scattered AF because on some level your subconscious has been programmed to love this feeling of helplessness, dependency, and not-knowing-wtf-to-do. 
BUT WHY? Because somewhere within…you’re afraid of what you’re capable of creating when you step into full embodiment and empowerment.
Afraid of experiencing your full expression.
Your authentic voice.
Your most audacious truth.
Your God-given, innate, hard-wired, soul-soaring gifts.
Let's change that today, shall we? Let's slay some stubborn AF fear!
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